QELP New Book Information

We are pleased to announce the publication of a "liberal arts" college-level mathematics textbook titled Quantitative Reasoning and the Environment. More information about the text can be found at www.enviromath.com.

The focus of our text is data analysis of real environmental data and modeling with functions and difference equations. The intended audience is non-science majors in grades 12-14. The text assumes the use of the TI-83/84 (or similar) graphing calculator, or online applets. Our text has been class-tested in both stand-alone mathematics courses and in interdisciplinary math and environmental science courses.

Table of contents
A brief table of contents for our text is listed below. To view an extended table of contents, click here.

1) Measurement and Units
2) Ratios and Percentages
3) Displays of Data
4) Linear Functions and Regression
5) Exponential Functions and Regression
6) Power Functions and Regression
7) Introduction to Difference Equations
8) Equilibrium Values and Stability
9) Logistic Difference Equations and Chaos
10) Systems of Difference Equations
11) Fundamentals of Statistics
12) Measures of Variability
13) Normal Distributions

Each chapter is integrated with a student project. The projects draw heavily on real world data, sometimes provided by the instructor, sometimes gathered by the students themselves. The projects promote student investigation and collaboration, and make use of common classroom resources (rulers, maps, graphing calculators, etc.)  The projects are found at the textbook website www.enviromath.com or by clicking here