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Migration Now!
April 6 through May 8, 2015
Artist Reception: April 7, 5-8 PM

“Migration is a lens through which we can interpret contemporary society and the focal point around which so much turns: race and culture, gender and sexuality, class and representation, economics and the natural world; new ideas, bad ideas, the harshest cruelty and the most open arms - all are there, spinning in tight orbit around people’s innate desire to move.”    -Migration Now! Co-organizers Favianna Rodriguez & Roger Peet

Migration Now! - a portfolio of handmade prints by CultureStrike and by Justseeds artist’s cooperative - addresses the theme of migration as an inevitable product of neoliberal policy and explores the idea of migration as a fundamental right to move freely across borders in search of our fullest and best selves. The over thirty artists featured in this collection comment on the complexities of migration and the impacts of US border policy.