Continuing Education

Seattle Central College's Continuing Education program offers engaging classes for community members. We offer high quality, affordable and relevant educational opportunities, designed to meet the evolving needs of our community and to utilize college resources for community members.

Take a class for your personal enrichment or for your professional development!

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You do not need to be enrolled in the college for a degree program to take Continuing Education classes and our classes do not earn you college credit.

Contact Us

Continuing Education is located in the lowest level of Broadway Edison Building (by the Harvard Avenue entrance below the Atrium).

Phone: 206.934.5448 

  • Main Office 1139 I: Melissa Matthews, registration and operations, 206.934.4381 
  • 1139 J: Rachael St. Clair, director: 206.934.5449
  • 1139 K: Saori Sampa, program specialist: 206.934.3271
  • 1139 L: Jordan McClellion, program coordinator: 206.934.4411
  • 1139 M: Liza Burke, marketing: 206.934.5476