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Student Support Programs

Room:907 E Pine

Workforce Home

Our Workforce Education programs provide financial assistance, tuition, books, supplies, and fees to assist students who meet the program requirements. We also offer academic planning, job training and job placement services to low–income individuals and families and unemployed and dislocated workers.

Our Workforce Education programs include:

  • Basic Food Education & Training Program (BFET): Available to students receiving federally issued Basic Food Benefits.
  • WorkFirst Program: Available to students on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • WorkFirst WorkStudy: Available to WorkFirst Students who work with our Advisor to decide if a student will benefit from the program.
  • Worker Retraining Program: Available to students who receive or have exhausted unemployment benefits, are "displaced homemakers," veterans, or formerly self employed.
  • Opportunity Grant: Available to low–income adults pursuing an approved program. Students may receive funds to cover tuition and mandatory fees up to 45 credits and up to $1,000 for books and supplies per academic year.

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