Participation & Eligibility

Participation and eligibility in the Credit–By–Examination Program is contingent upon the following limitations:

  1. Students must offer sufficient background to the Program Director to have a reasonable command of the subject matter.
  2. Students must be 18 years of age or a high school graduate. Underage students must provide written approval from their high school before enrolling.
  3. A student currently on probation, or who is suspended from Seattle Central, may not participate in the Credit by Examination Program.
  4. Students must take examinations at a site approved by the Distance Learning Office. Note: It is the student's responsibility to secure a qualified proctor before an examination can be mailed. Examples of suitable proctors/sites include:
    • accredited school principal or administrator
    • accredited school/college counselor
    • certified librarian
    • military educator officer
    • faculty or test administrator at a testing office of a accredited university or community college
  5. Student must have completed a minimum of 9 residence credits with a "C" or better before applying for credit by exam.
  6. Credit By Exam credits are not considered residence credits.
  7. The Distance Learning Office reserves the right to reject any proctor.


When students are ready to take an examination, they must complete the appropriate Proctor Verification Form and mail it to the Distance Education and e–Learning Office. Allow five to 10 working days for processing, then contact your proctor directly. Arrive prepared with your own pens/pencils and 81/2 x 11–inch lined writing paper.

If your proctor has not received an exam within 30 days of request submittal, please contact the Distance Learning Office. Students must complete their exams within 30 days of the time their proctor receives it. Failure to do so may result in a grade of NC (No Credit).

What Courses To Enroll In

Students should thoroughly review the course competencies and methods of assessment outlined within the course description. Do not choose a course(s) unless you feel your knowledge and skills match the competencies outlined. To insure that you are successful, you should review textbooks and instructional materials suggested in the course descriptions prior to enrolling in the course.

Terms Of Enrollment

Payment of tuition and fees at the time of enrollment enrolls a student in a Credit–By–Examination course for a period of two quarters (170 days) from the time of enrollment. Students must request in writing to The Distance Learning Office for a proctored examination assessment at an approved site before their expiration date.

  1. Students must achieve a minimum of 2.0 in order to receive credit. After receiving the grade, students may accept or reject it. If they are not satisfied with the grade they receive on the examination assessment, they may choose not to receive credit or a grade. Students who are not satisfied with their grade have a right to review the assessment with the faculty in question. Unsuccessful challenges and grades below 2.0 will be recorded as NC (No–Credit, a non–punitive grade) on a student's transcript.
  2. Students failing to achieve a 2.0 or wishing to retake examinations must apply in writing to the Distance Education and e-Learning Office, receive permission by the faculty, and retake the examination within 60 days. There is an additional fee of $100.00 to retake examinations. Examinations can only be taken one additional time. There are no retake examinations for MAT098, Intermediate Algebra.
  3. There are no partial grades given.
  4. Credits will appear as Credit by Examination on the college transcripts.

Students will receive a grade for Credit by Examination based on the following numerical grading system.

Excellent High Avg. Min. Unsatis.
A (4.0–3.9) B (2.8–2.5) C (2.1–1.9) D (1.1–1.2) E (0.0)
A– (3.8–3.5) B– (2.8–2.5) C– (1.8–1.5) D– (0.8–0.5)   
B+ (3.4–3.2) C+ (2.4–2.2) D+ (1.4–1.2)