Credity-By-Exam Courses

ENGL&101 (pdf) (5 credits) Composition 
Intro to the writing process. Writing assignments with focus on major strategies of non-fiction prose, with subject matter drawn from firsthand experience and observation. Prereq: Satisfactory performance on English placement test.

ENGL&102 (pdf) (5 credits) Composition 
Continuation of the composition sequence with further instruction and practice in writing, and with concentration on the critical reading and writing techniques needs for the preparation and completion documented essays. Prereq: ENG 101.

SPAN&121, SPAN&122, SPAN&123 (pdf)
SPAN&121 (5 credits) Elementary Spanish–(formally SPA 101) 
Pronunciation, fundamentals of grammar and syntax, oral and written exercises, reading and conversation, and cultural aspects of the countries in which Spanish is spoken. Oral practice with tapes required outside of class. For students who have not previously studied Spanish. Prereq: Recommended eligibility for ENG 101.

SPAN&122 (5 credits) Elementary Spanish–(formally SPA 102) 
Continuation of SPAN&121. Prereq: SPAN&121 or permission.

SPAN&123 (5 credits) Elementary Spanish–(formally SPA 103) 
Continuation of SPAN&122. Prereq: SPAN&122 or permission