Integrated Projects

Integrated Projects is a type of Learning Communities that highlights collaborative, integrative learning where students work together in groups to prepare projects, panels, and/or papers to show their understanding of a topic. Some of the projects include:

The Water Project

Students track and analyze their weekly water use and determine scientific results by comparing findings with publications on global warming and water pollution. This class features statistics, sociology, and English composition. This course is the reason a club formed to ban the sell of bottled water on campus.

Academic I-BEST

Students use creative thinking to identify what they have learned through the integration of courses by creating a “visual” and presenting it to the class. Examples of visuals include: Banners with photos and collected sayings, paper mache puppets, collages, dioramas, Lego “villages,” frames, 3–D cycle of liberation. This class features statistics, psychology, English, and human development.

7 Billion and Counting

Students create an Urban Runoff Index (URI) based on weighted means in field data and participate in critical thinking discussions about the pros and cons of pavement and grass. This class features math and environmental studies.