Oceanography is an environmental science studying the physical, chemical, geological and biological processes of the ocean and the human influences.

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Prepare for a transfer degree to a four-year university or college by exploring the basic fields of ocean science: marine geology, biological, chemical and physical oceanography. Seattle Central also offers self-paced oceanography courses conducted online via Canvas.

Courses Offered

  • Intro to Oceanography
  • Marine Biology

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Oceanography Careers

  • Marine Biologist
  • Physical Oceanographer
  • Journalist
  • Professional Researcher
  • Coastal Zone Management Officer

Oceanography Faculty

Katie Chenu (Department Lead)
Scipps Institution of Oceanography, Ph.D. (Earth Science)

Marina Halverson
University of Hawaii, M.S. (Biological Oceanography)

Carolann Castell
University of Washington, M.S. (Science)