Architecture is an interdisciplinary major that combines art, science, math and business. There are a variety of career paths to follow including being a licensed architect, urban planner, carpenter, building designer, or civil engineer. Architecture can be a great option for those who are interested in designing houses, shopping centers, skyscrapers, or factories. 

Certain universities offer architecture as an undergraduate major. Several universities offer degrees in Architecture in Washington such as the University of Washington and Washington State University. You can also use the College Navigator search engine found at to find architecture programs around the country.

Here are a few steps that we recommend you take to make sure that architecture is the right choice for you. There are many different types of careers in architecture, and it is important to do some research ahead of time to find the one that best fits your goals. Make an appointment with an advisor to help you choose the appropriate transfer degree and courses you should take while you are here at Seattle Central. You can also meet with an advisor from the career exploration center to discuss your goals and take a skills/career inventory assessment.