Alumni Advisory Board

Alumni Association Advisory Board

Alumni activities are guided by an Alumni Advisory Board comprised of graduates from a diverse range of programs and graduation years. Board members are asked to serve a two-year term.

We are currently recruiting for the 2021-23 term. If you are interested in serving on this body, please fill out an interest form by Oct. 20, 2021. 

New Alumni Association Feedback

Over the past 6 months, members of the newly created Seattle Central Alumni Advisory Board have collaborated on the following draft mission, vision, and values for an Alumni Association. As a valued member of the alumni community, we invite you to share your thoughts on this draft and to let us know how you would like to stay connected in the future.

Mission Statement:

The Seattle Central Alumni Association seeks to further the goals of the college by engaging and empowering the diverse body of past and present students through fellowship, activism, and lifelong learning.

Vision Statement:

Seattle Central students and alumni feel connected, celebrated, and supported by a sustained association that reflects the resilience and diversity of the college.

Value #1 - Antiracism, Equity & Inclusion

We acknowledge that Seattle Central is not immune from perpetuating systemic injustices. As an alumni association, we advocate for a Seattle Central College that provides equitable opportunity to all. We actively work to dismantle racism by educating ourselves, upholding voices of color, and providing a safe, and inclusive alumni community.

Value #2 - Advocacy

Alumni are strong voices in advancing the reputation, accessibility and relevancy of Seattle Central College. The alumni association encourages volunteer, political and philanthropic support of Seattle Central and the students it serves.

Value #3 - Innovation and growth

We acknowledge the impact made by former students of Seattle Central over the past 50 + years. We hope to sustainably build on their legacy and foster new ways of engaging the Seattle Central Community.

Value #4 - Education

We believe in lifelong learning and the transformational power of open-access education to Inspire, encourage and create pathways for students and alumni at all phases of their educational journey to complete programs that support their personal and professional growth.


2020-2021 Alumni Advisory Board Members: 

  • Troy Bonnes
  • Charles Cardinaux, chair
  • Emmanuel Dolo 
  • Taleah Mitchell, chair
  • Gina Nakamura
  • Ruth Prudence
  • Lisa Sandoval
  • Emily Thurston
  • David Wall
  • Chiquita Wright