Office of Strategic Partnerships



    The mission of the Office of Strategic Partnerships is to connect with our community and build relationships that increase education access, close racial and economic opportunity gaps and empower each student to succeed. 

    In addition to strategic partnerships, OSP houses:

    • Communications & Marketing 
    • Grants & Strategic Initiatives
    • Community Relations & Special Events


    • Special events and engagement activities
    • Working with affinity groups – alumni, retirees
    • Volunteer engagement
    • Partnership development
    • Grant writing 
    • Internal and external marketing and communications
    • Media relations, external relations and community involvement

    Our core team values

    • Community - Our community includes prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and staff, political and community leaders, schools, organizations, business and industry, working together to make our region a more equitable place to live, learn, and work.

    • Empathy and Compassion - We seek to understand the perspectives of those we work with, and we value the emotional work of actively building trust. We listen to build authentic connections.

    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - We value the diversity of our community and seek to elevate all voices in our work, particularly those who have been marginalized. Together we foster the success of students facing systemic racism and other oppressions. We strive to understand the role our system plays in perpetuating inequity, oppression and racism, and work to address it.

    • Student-centered - Student success and empowerment is at the core of every decision we make and is the most important aspect of our work. We aim to bring the authentic experiences of our students to the forefront. 

    • Innovation and transformation - We pursue continuous improvement and creativity in how we tell our story, serve our students and community, and meet the goals of our college. We seek and nurture the change that leads to opportunity, growth, and justice. 

    To explore partnering with Seattle Central contact Executive Director Jessica Norouzi, 206-934-3828