CBE Classes Available in Canvas Commons


Alissa Sell's has made the CBE classes available in Canvas Commons. Here are the links or you can search by specific titles.

List of Courses

Notes about Adoption

These courses were originally designed as competency-based courses and as such, they include specific language related to CBE style instruction and they are organized by competency so some terminology changes and course restructuring may be required in order to fit well into a quarterly schedule.

  • Example: none of the CBE courses used the Syllabus page due to the open enrollment nature of the program so the syllabi can be found in the Start Here module of each course.

  • Example: assessments are referred to by their type: formative, summative, performance etc.

  • Example: discussions were infrequently used because the number of students was very small and they registered into the program at different times so they were not working through the courses together.

To-date, only minimal formatting work has been completed so some formatting revisions may be required.  Please look at every page if your faculty plan to adopt an entire course.  The courses looked much nicer in Candela and Waymaker but we were unable to do a direct export so some things copied over still a little wonky.  Thank you to Brandy for helping with this migration process!

  • The courses have not been checked for accessibility, so please be mindful of that as you adopt a course or portions of it.

  • Most of the videos have captions, but those captions may or may not be the corrected versions.

  • Some of the videos may be copyrighted or in some cases, removed from YouTube..

  • The faculty designers were QM trained.

  • I updated all of the Home pages today so those should be good to go.

  • The Canvas Guides links included in the courses are most likely out of date.

  • Most of the content and the courses themselves are currently unpublished.

  • We are unable to share the 5 math courses due to inaccessible content.