Get Help

Technical Support

For technical support, please contact our eLearning Support Team by calling (206) 934-4000, emailing them at, or stopping during drop-in hours. 

Technical support includes:

  • Canvas Login
  • Courses Not Showing up in Canvas
  • Merging Your Courses in Canvas
  • Adding a TA to your Course

Instructional Design

For Instructional Design support, please contact our Instructional Design Team by emailing them at or schedule an appointment with one of our team members.

Instructional Design includes:

  • Designing a New Academic Program
  • Designing a New Course
  • Updating an Existing Course
  • Developing Outcomes
  • Aligning Assessments to Activities & Other Course Content

Educational Technology

For Educational Technology support, please contact our Instructional Technologist, Jesse Hernandez  via email, by calling (206) 934-4053, or schedule an appointment with him.

  • Learning How to Use Educational Tools such as Cameras, Video Recorders, etc.
  • Finding a Tool to Solve and Instructional Problem
  • Working with the Accessibility Resource Center to Implement Accommodations Requiring Technology Tools