Faculty Training


Welcome to Seattle Central College's eLearning EDGE program: Education + Design = Excellence. This program is designed to support faculty in their teaching efforts by providing professional development opportunities in three focus areas: 1) Technology Tools; 2) Pedagogy; and 3) Accessibility. For a full list of EDGE courses, including available dates and hours, please see the Registration form.

Faculty who complete a minimum of 8 hours of Technology Tools, 18 hours of Pedagogy, and 4 hours of Accessibility training will receive a $1,000.00 stipend. You have one year from the starting date of your first class to complete the program in order to be eligible for the stipend, and all courses must be completed within that one-year span. Stipends are currently restricted to faculty (including full-time, part-time, and continuing education) at the Central campus. Classified and exempt staff who are also part-time faculty are eligible for the stipend, but may not count hours spent on EDGE courses as part of their regular working hours.

Due to the change in EDGE programming in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the one-year requirement is being extended for all faculty currently working through, or just starting the EDGE program. Spring & Summer 2020 (April - August 2020) will *not* count against the one-year requirement. For example, participating faculty who are due by the end of Spring 2020 will be due by the end of Fall 2020 instead.

Changes in EDGE due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are temporarily suspending specific EDGE workshops that have only been designed to be taught in a face-to-face environment, or that require additional resources that are better spent providing instructional support in other ways. We may be converting some of these workshops into online offerings and adding them back in to the regular registration list, once we know more about Spring quarter and how to prioritize our Instructional Designers. These suspended courses will be slated to run again starting in Fall 2020:


  • Intermediate & Advanced Canvas Features

  • Introduction to HTML for Canvas

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Video Production


  • Facilitating Effective Online Discussions

  • Introduction to Instructional Design

  • Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning

  • Introduction to Hybrid Teaching & Learning


  • Creating Accessible PDF Documents

Pathway to EDGE Completion

For faculty who are brand new to the EDGE program, we recommend the following pathway to completing EDGE in Spring 2020:

Complete the Introduction to Canvas / Canvas Certification course (8 Hours)

  • This counts for eight hours of Technology credit, and so fills the requirement

  • This course is available in both a self-paced online format, a facilitated online course run through SBCTC, and as a series of Zoom sessions run by our Instructional Designers

Complete the Introduction to Open Education course (4 Hours)

  • This counts for four hours of Pedagogy credit

  • This course is taught by Seattle Central librarians, and is available as a self-paced online course

Complete the Quality Matters (QM) training (16 Hours)

  • Each QM course counts for sixteen hours of pedagogy credit, and together with the Introduction to Open Education course, fills the pedagogy requirement

  • If you have already taught a fully online course, we recommend the Improving Your Online Course workshop

  • If you have not yet taught a fully online course, we recommend the Applying the QM Rubric workshop

  • QM courses are facilitated online courses, with specific start and end dates, and assignments due throughout the course

Complete the Introduction to Accessibility course (2 Hours) and ONE of the following:

  • Creating Accessible Word Documents (2 Hours)

  • Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations (2 Hours)

  • Completing two of these courses fills the requirement for the Accessibility hours

  • Each of the accessibility courses is available as a self-paced, fully online workshop


For the full list of EDGE courses, including available dates, use the "Register for EDGE" link here, or use the Register for EDGE button on the left-hand navigation menu.