Global Initiatives

Seattle Central is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States. We value this diversity, and are focused on utilizing the varied cultures to make our campus community stronger. We offer many programs, activities, and grants geared toward the internationalization of our campus.

Global Studies Designation

Students obtaining an Associate's Degree are required to enroll in a Global Studiesdesignated course. We were one of the first community colleges in the USA to recognize the importance of including global competencies in the general education of our student graduates to prepare them for entering the global community and workforce. Over 75 courses in our catalog have this GS designation (approximately 20 percent of all college transfer courses)!

Global Studies and Global Health Areas of Emphasis

Students can choose one of these 25–30 credit areas of emphasis' within their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees and graduate with a notation on their transcript that they included this area of concentration in their degree. This is useful for students when applying to transfer to demonstrate intent and commitment to globally–focused majors, when applying for scholarships and, of course, for personal development.

International Activities Board

A wide range of other multicultural clubs and organizations. The Intercultural Activities Board through Student Leadership is made up of 6 student leaders dedicated to bringing international students and American students together to build bonds of multiculturalism. The IAB offers varied social and educational activities open to all students, staff, and faculty. They are also responsible for helping with new international student orientation and the Conversation Partners Program.

There are also about 30 student clubs and groups organized around nationalities, cultures, and other global interests.

Conversation Partner Program

The Conversation Partners Program is offered as an opportunity for ESL students to practice their English–speaking skills with a native–speaker. It is also our hope that both students are able to share their cultures with one another and help to create understanding. Service&ndashlearning credit may apply for native–English speakers.

World Languages

Seattle Central offers ASL, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish.


Seattle Central is a member of various international organizations including NAFSA, Institute for International Education, AMIDEAST, AAIEP, WCCCSA and others.

Counseling Centers

Seattle Central is partnered with over 200 active counseling centers world wide which advise students on finding appropriate colleges and universities in the world. Our international students currently at Seattle Central have often found us through these partnerships.