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Fiscal planning and analysis are conducted annually to determine appropriate allocation of resources for the coming year(s). The assessment process is one of several strategies that support enrollment management, institutional decision making, and fiscal responsibility.

No Program Closures in FY 22/23

After careful consultation with the board of trustees, program staff, business, and elected leaders, Seattle Colleges has come to the decision to continue enrolling students for all programs for Fall 2022. While Seattle Central's initial recommendations to balance the budget included potential closure of some workforce programs, there are no recommended program closures at Seattle Central College for the fiscal year 2022-2023 (FY 22/23).

Measures to Balance the FY 22/23 Budget

The chancellor and the board of trustees have directed Seattle Central College to balance its budget for FY 22/23.

Given the financial status of the college, and after thorough review and careful consideration, Seattle Central's Executive team has recommended three measures to balance expenditures, continue to be a good steward of taxpayer funds, and ensure the long-term viability of the college. 

The initial recommendation goes to the chancellor who will make the final decision. The chancellor may accept the proposal, ask for changes, or reject it. 

Seattle Central is taking three approaches to balance the budget: 

  1. Cutting Administrative Costs
  2. Maximizing Fill Rates
  3. Restructuring the funding models for higher-cost programs

Cutting Administrative Costs

Administration is cutting 15 percent of its overhead budget. This includes a reduction in force - by either eliminating positions or leaving open positions vacant - at the Associate Dean level and above.

Maximizing Fill Rates

Seattle Central is aligning class schedules with enrollment and looking to maximize fill rates for classes.

Restructuring the Funding Models

Seattle Colleges will seek to restructure the funding models of the following workforce programs:

  • The Seattle Culinary Program
  • The Wood Technology Center
  • The Apparel Design Program
  • The Seattle Maritime Academy

These programs require a heavy subsidy to operate. Seattle Colleges is securing a short-term funding bridge with King County, state legislators, business leaders, and potential private funders, while determining a long-term sustainable path forward.

After careful consideration with the board of trustees, program staff, business and elected leaders, Seattle Central will continue enrolling students for all four programs for Fall 2022.

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