What to do if you’re told about an incident by an employee

If an employee tells you about, or if you become aware of, an incident of discrimination or harassment, you should report that incident to the Title IX coordinator, Scott Rixon, within 24 hours.

If the incident involves the Title IX coordinator, the report should be made to president or chancellor’s office for referral to an alternate designee.

Employees believing that they may be victims of any form of sexual harassment, assault, or discrimination should:

  1. Ensure their safety.
  2. Seek resources immediately, if necessary.
  3. File a complaint.


When you file a complaint with Seattle Colleges, you may request confidentiality. The district will attempt to protect your privacy to the fullest possible extent, consistent with our legal obligations to comply with federal and state laws and to protect our students and community. More information about confidentiality is found in Procedure 419.D, “Confidentiality and Right to Privacy.” Please direct questions about protecting your privacy to the Title IX coordinator, Scott Rixon.