Purchasing Computer-Related Items

IT Services must "sign off" on all computer related purchases for Seattle Central. The process, and the required forms, vary with the cost of items. We maintain specification lists for standard items such as computers, laptops, and printers.

 For help with specifications and quotes, contact us and provide a brief description of the desired equipment or software..  Our IT team is here to help!  You can contact us in any of these ways:

Orders over $2500

For orders over $2500 (including tax and shipping) a purchase requisition is required. Departments and divisions prepare the purchase requisition and send it to IT Services, BE3157 before sending to the business office or a vice president. District purchasing office will select the vendor, but listing a suggested vendor or vendors is very helpful.

Orders costing $2500 or less

For orders costing $2500 or less, except for “small and attractive” items, division credit cards, or "confirming" purchase requests are used. Before placing such an order, the requesting division office staff should fill out an IT credit card purchase form and email it to ITHelp@SeattleColleges.edu.

Fixed assets

State "fixed assets" tags are required for items costing $5000 or more, or "small and attractive" items costing between $300 and $4999. The “small and attractive” category includes all tablets, laptops, projectors, and cameras that cost over $300. These items MUST be ordered with purchase requisitions, even if the cost is under $2500. Detail is available on the purchasing website under "fixed assets."

Projects requiring IT resources

When an IT related project will require resources (money, or more than a few hours of staff time) from the IT staff, the requesting department should submit an IT Impact Statement:  IT Impact Statement Form

Each spring, the Instructional Computing Committee evaluates requests and allocates funds from the "instructional computing equipment" budget. All computer related items on that budget are ordered, by IT Services, with special purchase requisition forms. Contact ITHelp@SeattleColleges.edu with any questions about this process.