Classrooms, Keycards & Web Accounts

The following lists answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about everything from how to get help with printers, getting a web account to changing your email password.

If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ, or still need help or a more detailed explanation, our IT team is here to help!  You can contact us in any of these ways:

Reserving Computer Classrooms

Most computer classrooms are reserved during the preparation of quarterly schedules. Divisions submit lists of computer–using classes and schedules are created. Full–quarter changes or addition of a quarter–long lab to a class which did not originally require a lab must be made by the division scheduling person.

For occasional or one–time computer center lab use, faculty members should contact us.  Our IT team is here to help!  You can contact us in any of these ways:

Checking Room Availability

You can check computer classroom availability at our room scheduling system. You’ll be logged in as "guest" and can view the room schedules. Be sure you are looking at the desired quarter (use the dropdown at the top of the calendar).

Keycard Requests or Keycard Problems

Each division/department has a designated "keycard person." Faculty and staff members should identify the appropriate person by asking their department head or office manager.

Any problems with keycards not working, and any requests for access not on the cards, should be reported to the department "keycard person." That person submits the requests to Seattle Central Keycards, using the required form.

If a keycarded door is not functioning properly with a known "good card", or if alarms are ringing when the door is closed, Campus Security should be notified.

Faculty Web Accounts

All full and part time faculty at Central can make web accounts on our web server. Fill out web account request form.

You password is your MySeattleColleges Login password. URL:


The server will create the folder for your web page when you first log in using SFTP or SCP. Nothing will appear at your URLs until you upload something.

You will need to place your web files in the folder labelled ’htdocs’. The server will automatically generate this folder for you when you first log in.

Your MySeattleColleges Login is case sensitive for SFTP/SCP. If your MySeattleColleges Login name is "Jane.Doe" you must type exactly "Jane.Doe" into your FTP client. Using "jane.doe" will not work.

The URLs to access your web page are not case sensitive. should work fine.

If you change your MySeattleColleges Login password, you will need to use the new password to access your web account.

Accounts from Before Fall 2016

All pre-ead accounts are still there. Your password from the old outlook system should continue to work until sometime in October 2016. Your MySeattleColleges Login password should also work now and after the old outlook password stops working.

If you are faculty with a pre–EAD account, you also have a new style MySeattleColleges Login account. You now have access to two separate, unrelated accounts.

Non Faculty Web Pages

Please contact the