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United States Cultures: Overall Outcome

Understand the United States as a multicultural society and understand how conflict and cooperation have shaped the nation.


To receive the U.S. Cultures (US) designation, courses must address each of the five student learning outcomes listed below. Courses may address these outcomes to greater or lesser degrees depending on the focus of the course; however, taken together, these outcomes must constitute a substantial and integral part of the course.

General Description

Understand how patterns of multicultural conflicts and cooperations, equality and inequality in individuals and groups have shaped political, economic, social, religious, gender, ethnic and racial relations in the United States.

Student Learning Outcomes (1-5)

  1. Focus on cultural groups within the United States, at least two of which must be non-European.
  2. Analyze multiple layers of interplay among race, gender and class as they relate to the specific subject being taught.
  3. Examine the relationships between American ideals and experienced realities.
  4. Recognize the connections between United States cultures and societies and the global community.
  5. Analyze the processes of constructing human differences that include or exclude certain populations.



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