Veterans Benefit Programs

There are a variety of benefit programs administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Please click on the program names below for more information. The VA must approve degree and certificate programs for eligibility for veterans benefits.

VA Applications

Students applying for veterans educational benefits for the first time are required to complete a VA Application and submit additional documents. VA Applications are available from our office, or they can be downloaded from the Veterans Administration website. Detailed information on each chapter can be obtained from the GI Bill Web Site.

Signing Up For VA Benefits

Students sign up for veterans educational benefits at the Veterans’ Affairs Office, Room BE1104C after their registration is final. Other forms like credit evaluations and course approvals may be required depending on the total number of credits earned and students’ major status.

Advance Pay

Students can request advance pay from our office 30 days before each quarter. Advance pay is partial the first two months of the quarter. You do not need to be registered to request advance pay. Advance pay is available every quarter providing students skip one quarter. For example, a student attending spring quarter and does not attend summer quarter is then eligible for advance pay fall quarter.

Verifying Your Enrollment Each Month

Call 1.877.823.2378 or verify on “W.A.V.E.” on the VA website. Verifying each month releases monthly payments.

VA Work Study Program

Students can work up to 25 hours per week during school periods, and full time during school breaks. Approved work study sites are available from our office.

Tutorial Assistance Program

To receive VA educational benefits, you must be enrolled at least half–time for at least a half–time rate.

State Of Washington Tuition Reduction

Partial tuition waivers are available for veterans who served active duty, their children and spouse. As a veteran, you may be eligible for a partial tuition waiver (50% in–state tuition rate) if you are an undergraduate pursuing your first bachelor’s degree with no more than 225 credits.

You may be eligible to receive a waiver of all tuition and fees (100% in–state tuition rate) up to 200 college–level credits if your parent or spouse was an *eligible veteran or national guard member who:

  1. became totally disabled as defined in RCW 28B.15.385; or
  2. who lost his or her life while engaged in active federal military or naval services; or
  3. who is determined by the federal government to be a prisoner of war or missing in action.

Students sign up for the State of Washington tuition reduction in the Veterans' Affairs office, Room BE1104C after their registration is final.

Eligible veteran: One who served in active federal service, under either Title 10 or Title 32 of the United States Code, in a war or conflict fought on foreign soil or in international waters or in another location in support of those serving on foreign soil or in international waters, and if discharged from service, has received an honorable discharge.

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