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Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee (PRC) is a standing faculty committee that serves at the request of the Vice President for Instruction. Composed entirely of faculty members, this committee encourages and fosters curriculum development and faculty participation in program planning and maintenance of academic standards, primarily through program reviews and course reviews.

The PRC conducts reviews of programs on a rotating schedule (approximately every four years). A committee member facilitates each review. Program faculty and the appropriate administrator are responsible for producing written reviews according to PRC guidelines and for attending an oral review meeting with PRC. Related programs within the same division may be combined into a single review.


Program Review Committee Goals:

The Program Review Committee will:


The PRC chair is appointed by the Vice President. The chair receives one third (1/3) release time or other arrangements as agreed upon to carry out PRC responsibilities. The chair serves a three-year term


Faculty representatives from each academic division recommended by the Dean or administrator. PRC members serve a three-year term. Representation includes at least:


Missed Meetings

After a member has missed three consecutive meetings, the chair will contact the member to discuss whether a replacement should be sought.



Program Review Process

Process Overview

The PRC establishes and follows a rotating schedule to review programs each quarter. A committee member serves as chair for each program review, communicating with the faculty and administrator, and providing support for the process. The program’s administrator is responsible for ensuring faculty participation in the process.

Program faculty and the administrator produce a brief program review according to the guidelines provided by the PRC, and they attend an oral review of their program. PRC members read program reviews, participate in a scheduled oral review, and provide feedback to the program.

Timing and Deadlines

The PRC establishes an annual schedule of deadline for written and oral program reviews. The chair works with the administrator to ensure that program reviews do not conflict with major obligations or workload issues (such as a move or change in faculty) within a given program.

To allow the committee time to review the written review, oral reviews are typically held 3-4 weeks after the written review is submitted. Within two weeks after the oral review, the review chair provides the program with all feedback, questions, concerns, and recommendations from the committee. When there are questions or concerns, the program has 90 days (not including summer) to respond.

The program review chair prepares minutes from the meeting and a program review summary, typically in memo form that describes the committee’s findings and recommendations. The memo is addressed to the Vice President for Instruction.

Documentation and Notification

Extensions, missed deadlines, and failure to provide a written review

Under extreme circumstances, a program may request to extend the deadline for the written report and/or to reschedule the oral review. The program review chair and PRC chair will work together to revise the oral review date.

If a program fails to provide a written review, the program review chair will write a memo addressed to the Vice President for Instruction, the appropriate program administrator, and the PRC chair explaining actions taken to inform the program of its obligations. The administrator is responsible for corrective actions; the PRC chair will work with the administrator to re-schedule the review for a later date.




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