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Program Review Guide



Program reviews provide a faculty-centered forum to review instructional programs' curricula. The review emphasizes dialogue and interaction among program faculty and Program Review Committee members and uses existing documents as background information. Workforce and academic programs will be reviewed on a 4-year cycle.

The purpose of this process is to review a program's curriculum as a whole, including how identified outcomes meet student learning needs. The review also provides opportunities to identify areas of the curricula that need updating or revision and to discuss how assessment is being used to improve the program.

Required Information

Oral Review Discussion Points





One quarter before

A review schedule is posted on the PRC Web page. Program administrators are notified of upcoming reviews.

PRC chair

One month before

Reminder to the program of coming review & schedule informational meeting with program faculty

Review Chair

One week before

Required information supplied to PRC program review chair

Program faculty and administrator

Day of the Review

Discussion of curriculum

PRC review team, program faculty and administrator

Two weeks after

Follow-up observations and questions (if any) to program.

Review chair

Two weeks after receipt of follow-up

Program sends PRC responses to follow-up questions.

Program faculty and administrator

Within one quarter

Summary report of the review sent to VP for Instruction, program faculty, and dean; and presented at a PRC meeting with VP present and program invited to attend.

Review chair


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