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Global Studies: Overall Outcome

Discover the global society and process of globalization from mostly, but not exclusively, non-Western, local and indigenous perspectives.


To receive the Global Studies (GS) designation, courses must address each of the three student learning outcomes listed below. Courses may address these outcomes to greater or lesser degrees depending on the focus of the course; however, taken together, these outcomes must constitute a substantial and integral part of the course.

Student Learning Outcomes (1-3) and Suggestions for Curriculum Design Elements


1. Describe and analyze the historical, social, cultural, political and/or economic structures/processes of the global society.

Suggested Curriculum Design Elements

2. Analyze the beliefs, attitudes, experiences, and ideologies of non-Western societies.

 Suggested Curriculum Design Elements

  1. Include perspectives of indigenous groups, the poor, peasants and other minorities because their voices are often ignored even in their own countries. ( Example: Three Gorges Dam in China)
  2. Analyze and outline complex global events, trends, and issues from non-Western, local and indigenous viewpoints.
  3. Understand the connections between the western and the non-western world using a framework which recognizes the power differential present at different levels of influence.

3. Apply critical thinking and reasoned analysis to transcend overgeneralization and stereotyping.

 Suggested Curriculum Design Elements



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