Curriculum Coordinating Council

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Curriculum Coordinating Council

The council is charged to lead and coordinate all curriculum-related instructional planning and learning outcomes assessment with the goal to support and improve instructional programs.

The council will achieve its purpose through the work of the standing committees and other college-wide initiatives that are involved in the planning and change of instructional curricula.

Standing Committees:

  1. Course Approval Committee
  2. Program Review Committee
  3. Instructional Assessment Committee
  4. Learning Communities Committee

College-Wide Initiatives:

  1. Honors Program
  2. Other college-wide initiatives, such as Achieving the Dream (AtD) as of January 2009


Council Membership
The council consists of a chair, three instructional deans, and at least eight full or part-time faculty members.

The Vice President for Instruction is the council chair.

In addition to the council chair, three deans are appointed by the Vice President for Instruction, two representatives from each of the four standing committees including each committee chair, and one representative each from the Honors Program and AtD.  [Note: Total membership as of Feb. 2009 is 14.]

The council meets at least once during each of the regular quarters and as often as needed.

Standing committees provide a quarterly report to the Instructional Council. 




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