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Instructional Assessment Membership

Members of the committee contribute their insight, knowledge, and common sense to the curriculum process. They provide feedback and support which helps develop courses and programs that meet student needs and maintains the standards of excellence and diversity for which Seattle Central is known. A balance of representatives from each instructional division encourages wide participation and provides opportunities for communication and collaboration across disciplines. Committee work requires some time outside of meetings to review course and program information.

Committee members assist faculty in all college programs to develop assessment plans. They work when requested to review programs that are developing curriculum. Every year they assist programs to fill out their annual report forms. They serve on program review teams on a regular basis.

The IAC occasionally serves as an advisory body for larger curriculum issues, responding to initiatives such as revision of the A.A. degree, and to concerns about courses and programs.


Roster 2010-2011

IAC Chair (Interim)

Rebecca Boon

Counseling Michele Dela Rosa
Humanities and Social Sciences

Jaime Cardenas

Carl Waluconis

Science and Math Marie Villarba
Felice Tiu
Business, Information Technology and Creative Arts Robert Natoli
Health and Human Services
Seattle Vocational Institute
Basic and Transitional Studies

Jessica Gibson

Instructional Resource Services (Library)  


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