Cashier's Office

The main doors to the lobby are being replaced in order to allow for a new ADA–accessible ramp to be built to the Atrium. This construction will last from Monday, Aug 1 – Monday, Aug 15. The lobby, and all of these departments, will be open during construction, but students will need to follow an alternate path in order to get there. This path will be marked.

General Fees

  • Drop – $6
  • Computer Lab Fee – $52.35 + $30.36 per additional class ($82.71 maximum)
  • Late registration fee (after 10th day of quarter) – $10.50 per credit
  • Online fee – $7 per credit
  • Online Hybrid / Web enhanced – $5.25 per course
  • Transcript (official copy) – $4.50 each official transcript ordered but $7.50 each effective summer quarter (June 26, 2016)
  • Fees for self–support, telecourses, or continuing education are listed in the quarterly class schedule.

Mandatory Fees

  • Universal Technology Fee – $3 per credit (max $54 per quarter)
    Exemptions: one–three credits, ABE/ESL (Below 090)/GED®, ungraded courses
  • Student Activity Fee – $24 per quarter
    Students enrolled in five or more credits of state–funded courses.
  • Transportation Management fee – $15 per quarter
    Students enrolled in 10 or more credits of state–funded courses.
  • Student Photo ID Card (one time charge) – $5

Special Tuition Rates

Contact the Registration Office for information regarding special tuition rates for:

  • Vocational students in excess of 18 credits
  • Vietnam Vets, Persian Gulf Vets, and Active Duty Military
  • Children and spouses of eligible veterans or national guard members that became totally disabled or determined to be a prisoner of war or missing in action or who lost their life while on active federal military or naval service.
  • High School Completion, GED® prep, and Adult Basic Education
  • Senior Citizen and State Employee tuition wavers
  • Children of disabled firefighters or policemen

For information regarding fees for Bus Passes and Parking Permits, please visit Transportation Services, or call 206.934.6932.

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