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Seattle Central's main campus is located in a dynamic and vibrant urban environment with limited parking. There are only 600 parking spaces for all students and employees. Luckily, the campus is well served by Metro buses because of its proximity to downtown Seattle and many students use public transportation.

A Seattle Streetcar line is under construction in front of the main campus and is scheduled to be operational by 2014. When completed it will link into a major Transit Center on Broadway.

Motorcycles and bicycles do not require parking permits. For details on the availability of student parking permits, see below.

Visitor and public parking information

Student Parking Permits

  • Daytime and evening student parking permits can be purchased online and picked up in BE1143 the next business day. Learn More .
  • Unfortunately we cannot enable online payment for the SVI Cosmetology and the Central BAS students at this time; these students need to visit the Transportation Office in BE1143 to obtain the application for the permit.
  • Carpool and disabled parking permit applications must be obtained in person at the Transportation Services office.

Employee Parking Permits

There are three types of parking permits available to employees:

  1. Regular Permit (single occupancy)
  2. Carpool Permit (discounted rate for carpools of two or more people)
  3. Reserved Permit (premium rate for a reserved space)

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