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Student ORCA Card

All students who are enrolled for 10 or more credits* are eligible to purchase an ORCA Card at a discounted rate. Students enrolled for less than 10 credits can purchase an ORCA Card at the non–discounted / standard rate.

Student ORCA Card Rates

Quarter Discounted Rate Standard Rate
All Year $125 per Quarter
(e-purse value of $200)

All students who are enrolled for 10 or more credits must pay the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) mandatory student fee whether you purchase an ORCA Card or not.

How To Get A Student ORCA Card

We suggest students purchase their ORCA Card as early as possible as supplies may be limited.

  • ORCA Cards are purchased directly from the Cashier's Office (BE1104).
  • Bring your completed Student ORCA Card Application and be prepared to show photo ID.
  • The ORCA Card is usually available for purchase approximately one week prior to the start of the quarter.
  • Once the quarter has begun, the ORCA Card may only be available through the second week.
  • You must register your ORCA Card online once it is purchased.

How to Change your e-Purse ORCA Card to an Unlimited Ride Monthly Pass

Need more funds on your ORCA Card? Here is what to do:

  • Take your Student ORCA Card to any ORCA pay station.
  • Insert your ORCA Card and make a request to purchase either a 1 Zone Peak unlimited monthly pass ($90) (For this plan: $20 dollars would apply to third month) or a 2 Zone Peak unlimited monthly pass ($108) (For this plan: You would need to load an additional $16 onto the card for second month rides, then pay $108 for the third month of unlimited riding).
  • After your ORCA Card runs out you can reload another month's worth of unlimited riding for the next month.

Refund Policy

All Sales are FINAL–No Exceptions

Replacement Policy

Seattle Central Transportation Services Office and management are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced ORCA cards. Please take good care of your pass, and make sure that you register the pass online at orcacard.com. We do not provide replacement ORCA cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

For further details, questions, and / or concerns, please see this more detailed list of FAQ or contact the ORCA Regional Call Center at 1.888.988.6722, or go online at orcacard.com.

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