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All employees must choose between the ORCA card and a parking permit. No employee may have both the subsidized ORCA card and a parking permit at the same time.

Employee ORCA Card

The ORCA Card is offered to all employees who participate in the Transportation Management Plan (TMP). Employee ORCA Card Rate: $51 per Quarter (in addition to the TMP fee)

How To Get An Employee ORCA Card

There are two ways to purchase an employee ORCA Card:

  1. Annual ORCA Card (Payroll Deduction) (available to permanent employees at 50% employment or higher)
  2. Quarterly ORCA Card (Quarterly Payment) (available to part–time, hourly, and temporary employees)

Please note your ORCA Card number at the time you receive it; this will allow us to turn off any lost / stolen cards.

Payroll Deduction Option

  • Complete the Employee ORCA Rules of Use Form.
  • Complete the Employee ORCA Payroll Deduction Form.
  • Submit both forms to the Transportation Services Office for approval.
  • Payroll Deduction ORCA Cards can be picked up at the Transportation Services Office.
  • Employee ORCA Cards are renewed on a yearly basis and re-loaded each quarter, there is no need to pick up a new card every quarter.

Summer Quarter Payroll Deduction For FT Faculty

If you are full–time faculty and have payroll deduction for the ORCA Card, you now have the option to use the card during the summers you do not teach. Simply do nothing with your payroll deduction, and payroll will automatically deduct, in one lump sum, the entire summer quarter's worth of the card from your final, end of year paycheck.

If you do NOT wish to use the card during the summer months, it is VITAL that you submit the Employee ORCA Payroll Deduction Form to STOP payroll deductions before the pay period ending June 15.

Quarterly Payment Option

ORCA Cards purchased with the quarterly payment option are the same price as those purchased via payroll deduction only you need to pay for the card at the Cashier's Office rather than by payroll deduction.

Quarterly employee ORCA Cards are usually available for purchase about one week prior to the start of the quarter and part–time staff are required to turn in their old ORCA cards to the Transportation Office staff before picking up a new one.

Refund Policy

There are NO refunds on ORCA Cards or the TMP fee.

Replacement Policy

A lost / stolen / misplaced ORCA Card may be replaced by paying a replacement fee of $10.

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