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Students nearing graduation must review graduation requirements with an advisor or counselor. After it is determined that the student will complete the course work required, it is the student's responsibility to apply for the award.

Graduation requirements

A student can only apply to graduate one quarter prior to their anticipated graduation date. Upon approval, the award will be issued. Applications are available in the Registration & Records office and Division offices or it is downloadable here.

With approval of the Associate Dean, students may elect to graduate either under the catalog in effect at the time they complete the graduation requirements or under the provisions of an earlier official catalog, provided not more than five years have passed since the student last enrolled and provided that the courses required for completion are still offered.

Students are advised that if they graduate under an earlier catalog some current transfer requirements to four–year institutions may not be satisfied.

When to apply

Apply for graduation the quarter prior to the one in which the award will be completed.

Program requirements

Check with your Professional Technical program division or the advising center to make sure you have met all your requirements before applying to graduate. You can also view a list of requirements online:

Replacement diplomas

There are four ways to request a replacement diploma: By email, by fax, by mail, or in person. The cost is $15 per replacement diploma. Within a week of receiving the request and by successfully processing the payment, diplomas are available for pick up or delivery (mail only). Replacement diplomas will not be processed if a student has a debt or any other outstanding obligation to the college.

By Email: Fill out the replacement diploma application and credit card form. Scan the completed and signed forms. Then email them as attachments to:

By Fax: Fill out the Replacement diploma application and credit card form. Fax the completed and signed forms to 206.934.5563.

By Mail: Fill out the replacement diploma application. If paying with a credit or debit card, fill out the credit card form. If paying with a personal check, please make the check payable to "Seattle Central College." You may also pay with a money order. Do NOT send cash or coins. Mail application and payment to:

Seattle Central College
Office of Registration & Records
ATTN: Credentials Evaluator
1701 Broadway, Room BE1104B5
Seattle, WA 98122

In Person: Fill out the replacement diploma application, which can be obtained from the Registration front counter in the Enrollment Services Lobby (room BE1104). Take the completed form to the Cashier window to pay the required fee. Please make sure to bring photo identification (i.e. state ID card, driver's license, passport, etc.).

The Cashier hours are: Tuesdays 8 a.m.–6 p.m. and Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

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