SMA: Who We Are

Seattle Maritime Academy (SMA) is Washington State's maritime school. As the name implies, it is located in Seattle, Washington. More precisely, SMA is located in the northwestern section of the city in a neighborhood called Ballard. The campus is appropriately situated on 2.2 acres of land bordering Lake Washington Ship Canal adjacent to the northeast abutment of the Ballard Bridge.

SMA is a division of Seattle Central College and accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. SMA is also approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and supported by the U.S. Maritime Administration. The school's mission is to serve the maritime community and industry of the Pacific Northwest Region.

SMA's mission is to provide vocational education, technical training and licensure preparation, which meet the needs of industry. The level and scope of training offered is directed towards the following maritime sectors: commercial fishing, Merchant Marine and workboat industry.

Quality and applied learning are the cornerstones of the SMA training experience. SMA offers about 45 courses annually. SMA operates with 6 staff and 10 faculty members.

Training Opportunities

SMA offers formal certificate programs in Marine Deck Technology and Marine Engineering Technology. In addition to the formal programs, SMA provides STCW Training in a variety of marine subjects and topics under the aegis of community education. Lastly, SMA provides training under contract to private sector companies, government agencies, military units and unions. The format and scope of instruction is customized to meet specialized training needs on the part of external clients.

For further information on our training opportunities please see the Marine Deck Technology Program, Marine Engineering Technology Program and Continuing Education.

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