Search Engines

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  • Searching with + or - (2.59)

  • Searching for "Phrases" (3.09)

  • Advanced Search Features (.54)
  • A search engine is essentially a database that points to Web sites and Internet resources. The search engine database is compiled by means of software programs often called spiders, crawlers, or bots. These spiders, crawlers and bots are programmed to find web pages, follow all the links they contain and add any new information they find to the master database. When you are using a search engine, you are not really searching the entire Internet, but a database of pages and resources from the Internet compiled by the bots.

    There are several important things to remember about search engines.

  • Search engines are only as smart as the questions you ask, so you must have a clear idea of your information needs.
  • Search engines search full text and have trouble making distinctions around word meanings. So all occurrences of a word may be returned and not just the ones relevant to your search.
  • Search engine results can be misleading, make sure you understand how the search engine you use works. Most search engines provide this information under Help or Advanced Search.
  • Even the best search engine will not search the entire Internet.
  • So if all of these things are true about search engines, why bother using them? This good question brings us to our final point to remember.
  • Until something better comes along, search engines are the best tools we have for performing complex searches on the Internet.

  • Posted by passport_team on March 12, 2004 at 03:47 PM