Invisible Web (Subject Specific Resources)

The invisible web refers to a group of search tools, whose informational contents are generally not retrieved by any search engines, hence making it invisible to anyone who would use search engines to find it. Generally this group of information is composed of subject specific web sites and searchable databases that provide information on a particular topic.

Although there is no one special trick to finding resources in the Invisible Web, there are ways one can go about finding these resources for their own needs.

  • Take the time to look for databases and subject specific resources when searching for information. For instance when searching for information try also searching for databases that may contain this information (i.e. hospital safety databases, horticulture database)
  • Use sites that specifically list "Invisible Web" type resources, such as the ones listed below:
  • The Invisible Web Directory

    Librarian's Index to the Internet

    Posted by passport_team on March 17, 2004 at 11:11 AM