Where to begin

Research is a process. Most researchers need to seek information multiple times during a research project. Beginning a research project is a critical first step. It includes:

  • Selecting an appropriate topic
  • Learning something about it
  • Collecting ideas, questions and vocabulary terms

    Research takes time. Most researchers need to educate themselves about the basics of a topic before searching and selecting the best information to use in a final product. Although the Web makes information more easily accessible than ever before, we now have the problem of sifting through an abundance of sources.

    Choose your sources carefully. The quality and variety of sources you choose will determine, in part, the quality of your finished work. Consider:

  • Purpose & relevancy to your topic
  • Objectivity (Is there bias?)
  • Date of publication
  • Author or Publisher

    The Internet provides convenient and often efficient access to information, but it may not always lead to the best information. Use periodical and reference databases, library catalogs for books, and library links to useful resources.

    Posted by passport_team on September 11, 2004 at 01:18 AM