Using the Library Catalog to Find Books

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    Most people still think of books when they hear the word “library.” Books are a special source of detailed information on a wide range of subjects, both popular and scholarly. In the changing environment of information technology, you can read electronic books as well as the traditional printed variety.

    If you need in-depth review, detailed reports and studies, or a retrospective analysis of your topic, a book can contribute content and context. As a researcher, you should recognize that books are only one of several different kinds of sources. Because a book must be written, edited, printed, purchased, cataloged, and finally placed on the library shelf, the information in a book is less current than what you can read online or in a periodical. However, the information in a book may still be important and relevant: it may turn out to be the most valuable source for your particular topic.

    You can search the Library Catalog for books, eBooks, videos, CDs or DVDs held at the libraries of the Seattle Community Colleges. You can also search the online catalogs of many other libraries via the Library Catalog.

    Posted by passport_team on July 30, 2004 at 09:21 PM