Databases: Tools for finding articles

Videos available:

  • Finding Articles Overview (2:45)
  • ProQuest: Basics (4:15)
  • ProQuest: Focused Searching (4:34)
  • ProQuest: Finding a Specific Article (2:29)
  • ProQuest: Viewing, Saving, and Printing Results (3:05)

    The best tool for searching for periodical articles is a periodical database. A database is any collection of information organized so you can search for information. A periodical database is a collection of articles, usually from many different periodicals.

    A database is a collection of data organized so its contents can be easily accessed, managed, and updated. A database contains a record for each entry; each record contains a field for each type of information included in each record. In a periodical database, a record represents an article.

    General periodical databases like ProQuest cover all subject areas, while subject specific databases like HealthSource give indepth access to periodical literature on a more focused subject area. Databases can include all or part of the full text of articles they cover. Look for a list of periodical databases on your library's Web site.

    Databases have several advantages. They offer:

  • Up-to-date information
  • Efficient searching
  • Content or full text
  • Easy access from wherever the Internet is available
  • Different formats, including sound and images

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