Academic and Scholarly Articles

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Academic & Scholarly Journals, including how to identify them (3:01).

Journals, also known as academic or scholarly journals, provide a means of communication among scholars and other experts. Authors use journals to present new research methods and findings to their peers. Academic writing usually includes:

  • Research-based information
  • Carefully constructed arguments that support a stated hypothesis
  • Well documented references or works cited

    Journal articles are often written by more than one author. Articles are often longer than those found in newspapers or magazines.

    Journals are commonly published quarterly (winter, spring, summer, and fall) or bi-monthly.

    Journal publishers include learned societies and professional organizations, most of which do not accept advertising. Thes journals typically use a thorough peer review process in which other experts read and comment on the research in each article before publication.

    An example of a peer reviewed academic journal is the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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