About the Research Passport

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Research Passport is an interactive tutorial that provides students, faculty, and staff at the Seattle Community College District, with instruction in the use of library and information resources. Although originally designed for distance learning students, this tutorial is accessible to all users, including those with limited computer skills or low bandwidth access to the Internet.

Today information access does not stop when the library doors lock for the night. Database subscriptions and the Internet allow students and faculty to do research anytime anywhere. The success of distance learning and remote access to electronic resources means the college campus is no longer limited by the physical restraints of brick and mortar. Education and information are available to our students and faculty anywhere and at anytime shouldn't library resources and services be there as well?

Students need to be able to find, evaluate, and use information to succeed academically and professionally. Traditionally, students and faculty have turned to librarians for instruction on how to conduct research. Our world is increasingly information based, making the librarian's role as an educator more important than ever. We no longer just teach students about research; we empower them to use information to improve their lives and the world around them.

Librarians cannot assume that every user who needs help comes to the library. In fact, we know that increasing numbers of students(distance learning, non-traditional, and traditional students)are doing research off-campus. We also know that students may rely on the Internet as the only source for their research unless we provide guidance to other sources of information. To produce academically sound research, students need help identifying and using library catalogs, periodical databases, and reference materials.

Posted by passport_team on March 17, 2004 at 11:22 AM