Service Desks

Reference: 206.934.5421 | Circulation: 206.934.4050 | Media: 206.934.4053

Reference & Instruction

Name Phone Email Office
Dale Burke 206.934.5421 2BE2101–L
Katy Dichter 206.934.4098 2BE2101–B
Librarian, liaison to Business Information Technology / Creative Arts / Wood Technology
Alyssa Jocson 206.934.5421 2BE2101–L
Lynn Kanne 206.934.4072 2BE2101–B
Librarian, liaison to Science & Math / Culinary Arts
Kelley McHenry 206.934.6336 2BE2101–B
Librarian, liaison to Social Sciences / Applied Behavioral Science (BAS)
Suzy Remilien 206.934.4055 2BE2101–L
Jennifer Shavit 206.934.5421 2BE2101–L
Jane Shoop 2BE2101–R
Librarian, liaison to Health & Human Services / Applied Behavioral Science (BAS)
Sharon Spence-Wilcox 206.934.4069 2BE2101–R
Librarian, liaison to Basic & Transitional Studies / Humanities / Institute of English
Deanna Sukkar 206.934.4055 2BE2101–L
Myra Waddell 206.934.4055 2BE2101–L

Acquisitions, Circulation, Media

Name Phone Email Office
Jason Anderson 206.934.4053 2BE2101-P
Media Specialist
Nicholas Falk 206.934.4052 2BE2101-P
Library Technician
Patricia Howitz 206.934.4051 2BE2101–P
Library Technician
Susan Tokheim 206.934.4061 2BE2101–P
Library Supervisor


Name Phone Email Office
Bianca Harding 206.934.5420 2BE2101–H
Secretary Lead
Wai–Fong Lee 206.934.4062 2BE2101–J
Executive Dean, Instructional Resources

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