All Students and all employees have access to Wi–Fi at Seattle Central. Access is available in the Broadway Edison, BPH, MAC, Science & Math, Fine Arts, and Student Leadership buildings.

How To Connect

  1. On your wireless enabled device, look at the available wireless networks and connect to "SCCC"
  2. Open your browser and a logon box will appear
  3. Type your EdNet Login Name
  4. Your password is the last 6 digits of your SID

Be sure to install and maintain virus protection software on your personal devices before connecting to any Wi–Fi services.

Seattle Central Wi–Fi users should "enable popups" for seattlecentral.edu on their personal computers.

Wireless connections are logged out after one hour. You'll need to login again if you wish to keep working.

To logout of our Wi–Fi systems before the automatic logout happens, go to:

We recommend putting a shortcut to that link on your personal computer.

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