Faculty Web Accounts

Getting Started

  1. Request A Web Account
    The easiest way to request a web account is to fill out and submit our electronic Web Account Request Form. If you wish, you can also contact NEED (206.587.NEED, NEED@seattlecolleges.edu) to request an account. Under normal circumstances, you can expect to have your account within twenty–four hours and will be sent an email with your account information.
  2. Build Your Page
    You can either design and build your own page or use the resources available at the Faculty Staff Computer Lab to get you started.
  3. Upload Your Page
    When you have finished building your page, you need to upload it to your web account. If you need assistance with FTP, please go to the faculty lab. Your Login and Password are the same as your Exchange alias and password. If you change your password on the exchange email server, you will need to use the new password to access your web account.
  4. Get Linked!
    Once you have finished and uploaded your page, you can have it added to the faculty pages list. Contact the Web Team, webteam.central@seattlecolleges.edu, to have your page added to the list.

Getting Help

  • The Faculty Staff Computer Lab is available to help you make your page, help you use SSH to change your password and walk you through the FTP (uploading) process.
  • Training is also available on all aspects of creating web pages, from learning html, using web page creation software such as Dreamweaver, learning about web graphics and graphics editing software and learning Flash. Please check the Faculty Staff Lab Training Schedule to find out more about theses classes.

Web Procedures & Guidelines

If you will be creating or editing pages on the Seattle Central site, please read our official web procedures and guidelines.

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