As an employee of Seattle Central College you will need a password to access various applications.


After your email account is created, and a password will be sent to your division office. The first time you login to your email you will be prompted to change your password.

To change your password you will have to login to your email via webmail. In the upper right hand corner click the option button and select change your password.

If you have forgotten your password or are unable to login, you can go to Inside Seattle Colleges AD Tool to reset your password. You will need the SID and PIN number provided to you from district.


Once you have an Outlook account, your Citrix account is automatically generated. Your first time login password will be P(last 6 of SID)!. Here is an example: jdoe is P123456! (the exclamation point is part of the password). Your login name is your email alias.

To change your password, login to Citrix. After you login and before selecting your desktop, go to the upper right corner and click setting, click on change password and save. Then continue the login process.

If you can not remember your password to Citrix, you can go to "forget me not" to reset your Citrix password. You can also call or email NEED and have your password reset.


As an employee of Seattle Central College you will have an EdNet login and password. For user name click here and select the first letter of your last name. Your password is the last six digits of your SID


You have access to Wi–Fi by using your wireless enabled device. Look at the available wireless networks and connect to "SCC". The Wi–Fi password changes quarterly. It will be posted in public areas and in class rooms. Or call NEED at 206.934.6333.


If access to the HP is required for your job, the District office will create an account for you to access the HP and a password will be generated and emailed to you. If you have trouble accessing or logging into the HP call the District helpdesk to have your password reset. District helpdesk phone number is 206.934.4128.

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