Citrix Overview

login to citrixAll Seattle Central employees have Citrix accounts. Citrix allows you to access applications and your files from any computer that has Internet access. You can access many applications and your work files from home as if you were in your office. You have safe and consistent access to applications and your file both from outside and within the school network.

Login to Citrix

Citrix allows IT staff to perform updates and installations centrally, so that everyone has the most current version of software at the same time. The systems are backed up and secure.

State regulations prohibit storing confidential or sensitive information on mobile devices, such as notebook computers or jump drives. Always use Citrix for any storage of student or employee sensitive information.

I've never used Citrix…How do I make it work?

Before you can use Citrix for the first time, you will need to download and install a small program so that Citrix can properly talk to your local computer. This program is called the Citrix Receiver and it's really easy to install—just follow the instructions on the left that apply to your computer and operating system.

If you can not remember your password to Citrix, you can go to "forget me not" to reset your Citrix password. You can also call or email NEED and have your password reset.

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