IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

The Research Process

Present findings

Present Findings Puzzle PieceThe conclusion to your research process may be a paper or final product for your course or program. It represents the fruit of your efforts to craft a research problem, find, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize what you learned and present your findings in an original product to your instructor, your classmates, or someone else.

The word 'original' is important here. While you must ind reliable sources of information, it is also your job to apply what you learned to the research question or problem you've chosen. In this process you are presenting your own ideas, but you are also:

Review and reflect on the information found in multiple sources. Express your ideas and share new knowledge within the guidelines of your assignment. Avoid plagiarism by balancing the information and perspectives you have gained with your previous knowledge. And, be sure to respect intellectual property rights as you use information and images that others created.


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