IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

The Research Process

Identify Options

Not all types of information serve the same purpose. Identifing options means choosing appropriate sources of information and the tools for finding that information. Information can come from many differerent sources: people (such as experts), agencies, books, reference books, periodicals, broadcast media, and all kinds of sources on the Internet.
Identify Options Puzzle Piece
Sources: Some tasks require specific types of information, while others allow you to choose for yourself. To decide what kinds of information are most relevant, consider where the information you need is most likely to be published. Learning about the strengths and features of different types of information will help you select appropriate types of information.

Tools: Once you know the type of information you need, select the search tools that are best for your topic and type of information. Search tools include library catalogs, databases, search engines, and more.

Both the type of information and tools you choose determine what kind of information you will find. If you are disappointed what you’re finding, consider whether you’ve selected a tool that is designed for what you need.  


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