IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

Public Libraries

a place to keep on learning

Nearly every American city or town has a public library. Public libraries serve everyone in their communities from tiny tots to business and government leaders. They provide free library cards to anyone living in the community.

Most public libraries offer a wide variety of books and online resources for leisure and information. The philosophy of the library is to provide free and open access to all kinds of information. Libraries try to choose the best resources for their users while representing a wide range of viewpoints on all kinds of topics so that citizens can select for themselves.

Public library resources are similar to those of an academic library, but they emphasize more leisure reading and how-to books. At the public library you can find your favorite author's latest novel, instructions to repair your washing machine, or picture books for your kids. Public libraries also offer author readings and short classes and presentations on all kinds of topics.


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updated: 23/6/09