International Education Programs

The mission of International Programs at the Seattle College District is to educate our students to become well–prepared members of a global society.

The division of International Education Programs (IEP):

  • Provides services to international students coming to Seattle Central
  • Offers intensive ESL instruction for students who need to improve their English proficiency before they can enroll in college level classes
  • Coordinates opportunities for Seattle Central students to study, volunteer or intern overseas
  • Helps to enhance internationally orientated curriculum and programming
  • Coordinates funding and opportunities for staff and faculty who would like to expand their international expertise

Seattle Central is a Global College.

We are a community of learners and offer a world of opportunities.

The city of Seattle is a global nexus for trade, tourism, science, philanthropy. Seattle businesses and organizations have major global connections.

"Seattle's transformation from a struggling industrial city in the mid–20th century to a global innovation hub is one of America's globalization success stories".

"On the global stage, the Seattle metropolitan area is known as a regional capital in America's Pacific Northwest, an important gateway to Asia, and a hub for the aerospace and high–tech industries. Seattle's eight Fortune 500 headquarters, including global firms like Microsoft, Costco, and Starbucks, dominate the regional economy".

Brookings Institute Press, 2012

Global competency is a key to success in today's job market.

"Life in the 21st century doesn't just mean navigating the digital age. It also means adapting to the most hyper–connected, interdependent world we've ever seen. Today, a nation's prosperity depends on its people's ability to thrive in the global marketplace. This is true for the U.S. and for our neighbors across the globe.

What's more, in a nation as diverse as ours, the ability to interact comfortably and confidently with people of all backgrounds and points of view is critical. And that makes it more important than ever to provide all students with a well–rounded, world–class education — including opportunities to gain global competencies and world language skills; to understand other cultures; and to study abroad."

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at the "Mapping the Nation: Making the Case for Global Competency" Launch Event, November 18, 2013

It is imperative to be "global ready" to compete in a demanding, constantly changing global economy.

International trade is a key driver of our state's economy, cutting across nearly every industry sector. In fact, based on our research, at least 40 percent of all jobs in Washington can be tied to trade–related activity, making our state one of the most trade–engaged economies in the country.

"An International Competitiveness Strategy for Washington State report", a project of the Washington Council on International Trade and the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, October 2, 2012

Grow your global competency here to thrive in the 21st century.

A Michigan State University "Recruiting Trends" report identified "geographic awareness and global understanding" as the primary "new competencies [for job seekers] critical to future success." The report notes that "as businesses become realigned globally, having employees with an awareness of space, …social and cultural geographic movement, as well as dominant physical assets of a region will be critical to a company's vitality."

Seattle Central is preparing students to flourish in Seattle and beyond.

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