Campus Closure

In cases of closure due to weather-related emergencies such as snow, a decision and announcement regarding closure will be made by Dr. Ollée or her designee. Each college in our district acts independently in the case of bad weather. Hence, the North campus may close while Seattle Central remains open.

Remember:  Seattle Central is OPEN unless you hear otherwise from one of our sources below.

Late Opening:  Sometimes, we opt to delay opening the school. If we open at 10 a.m., (for example), classes before 10 are cancelled. Further, if we open at 10 a.m., you will not be able to enter the buildings until 10 a.m. Please try not to come to campus until it is open. The intent is to keep you safe by allowing time for road conditions to improve.

Saturday closings:  We will follow the same method for notification as we do during the week. In addition, we will use Wayne Kuramoto, who staffs the information center on Saturdays, as our main contact person.

If we are going to close or delay our opening, we will use these methods to convey the information:

As always, we cannot anticipate every scenario or predict what the weather will do. You should use your best personal judgment in making your travel plans.