Bluetooth™ wireless technology revolutionizes the personal connectivity market by providing freedom from wired connections - enabling links between mobile computers, mobile phones, portable handheld devices, and connectivity to the Internet. It includes interface, synchronize, exchange, and more. Bluetooth technology redefines the very way we experience connectivity.

Where it works
Everywhere. Hardware that complies with the Bluetooth wireless specification ensures communication compatibility worldwide. As a low cost, low power solution with industry wide support, Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to bring connectivity with you. You define the boundaries of your productivity - in Europe, in Asia, in America, in whatever place your business may take you.

Bluetooth technology offers an attractive solution because it is low power, short range, and has a flexible architecture.

Bluetooth can operate as a simple point-to-point connection (e.g. as a wireless replacement for an RS232 cable), or in a point-to-multipoint system, where one 'Master' device controls a number of 'Slaves'. This latter case is known as a piconet. Several piconets can coexist in the same physical space, and they do not interfere with each other. However, any one Bluetooth device can simultaneously participate in two or more piconets, allowing communication between piconets if desired.

Within each piconet one device acts as the Master and all the others are Slaves. Up to 7 Slaves can be active in a piconet at any one time, although more can be connected to the Master if they are asleep in a 'Park' mode. The Master can park and unpark its slaves as required to communicate with all of them. The Bluetooth configuration is flexible - Masters and Slaves can interchange roles, and a device that is acting as Master in one piconet can be a slave in another piconet at the same time. An example Bluetooth configuration is shown below.

The above example contains three piconets. The leftmost piconet contains 7 devices, with the central device acting as the Master for that piconet. Similarly on the right, another piconet contains 4 devices in total. The third piconet consists of the Master (at the top right of the figure) and the devices that are Masters of the other two piconets.

Why it works
Establishing a standard means integrating well tested technology with the power efficiency and low-cost of a compliant radio system (about the Specification). Establishing a standard also means a group of industry leading promoter companies who drive the specification forward (about the Bluetooth SIG). Bluetooth technology works because it has been developed as a cross industry solution that marries a vision of engineering innovation with an understanding of business and consumer expectations.

Who's making it work
Bluetooth wireless technology is supported by product and application development in a wide range of market segments, including software developers, silicon vendors, peripheral and camera manufacturers, mobile PC manufacturers and handheld device developers, consumer electronics manufacturers, car manufacturers, and test and measurement equipment manufacturers.